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Commercial Disputes: Choosing the Right Path

Whilst all businesses undoubtedly hope that they do not become embroiled in commercial disputes, sadly conflict is occasionally unavoidable.  Choosing the right way to resolve the dispute effectively can be difficult without taking advice as there are several options available. Traditionally formal litigation has represented the primary means of dispute resolution and, although the Court […]

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Cases which are unsuitable for mediation

Cases which are unsuitable for mediation As general guidance, there are some circumstances when mediation from the outset may not be suitable. These are: When a point on law needs deciding on by a court and a binding precedent would be useful. Where injunctive relief is necessary to protect one party. One or both parties […]

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Commercial Mediation – what happens?

Mediation can take place in a variety of locations. Usually mediation is conducted in private rooms with the mediator working with each party to identify and understand the issues before exploring settlement options. Mediation is different to negotiation as each party can be open and honest about their strengths and weaknesses. The mediator, thanks to their independence […]

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